Pauly Luxury Beds since 1838

Pauly Luxury Beds since 1838


J.Pauly & Sohn, now Pauly Beds, is one of the oldest bed handcrafters in the world, established in Austria in 1838.


Pauly beds was founded by Josef Pauly in 1838 in Vienna Austria during a period of romanticism when values like that of the beauty of nature and individual imagination were of growing importance and this impacted the design and engineering of the beds.

In 1878, Pauly beds then known as the J.Pauly and Sohn became the sole official suppliers of beds to the Austrian Empire. In 1878, Pauly received an Imperial and Royal Warrant of Appointment as a Purveyor to the Imperial and Royal Court of Emperor Franz Joseph I and his wife Empress Elisabeth of Austria (known as Sisi). Empress Sisi, accustomed to the very best, was obsessed with beauty and keeping a young look. With these priorities, she helped set the standards of quality and comfort that Pauly’s beds have come to be known for.

Innovation and creativity fuelled by the second industrial revolution and the impressionist movement enabled Pauly beds to reach new height and by 1891, Pauly beds had already won 10 awards and became internationally acclaimed.


Joseph Pauly and his son’s mastery in handcrafting beds was an art. In his day, every Pauly bed was considered a masterpiece by the Viennese aristocrats and upper classes who lived the good life and knew how to get most from it. The tradition of Pauly bed craftmanship continues today.


Pauly & Natural Materials

When your skin is properly oxygenated and moisturized, it shows. That’s why Pauly Beds only use 100% natural, latex-free materials that allow for complete air circulation while you sleep. 

Less perspiration enables the mattress to feel dry and allow you to sleep longer and more deeply. Long known among bed makers, horsetail hair is the most outstanding natural ventilating material. Layered in wool, cashmere and silk, your Pauly Bed will be naturally thermo-regulated – the ideal conditions for the ideal sleep.

A bed that follows the contours of your body while giving the optimal level of support, keeps your spine straight and your body relaxed. Pauly uses up to six thousand springs in a bed. The expert guided choice of right firmness according to your personal preferences and sleep position enable you to fall into deep sleep without much turning and tossing.

Pauly bed you will help you fall asleep faster and achieve the real benefits of longer and deeper sleep – a stage in which the cells in your body and brain repair themselves and your mind is backing up the information from the day. Research shows that with deep sleep you slow down the ageing process, decrease anxiety, depression, the chances of Alzheimer and diabetes, as well as increase memory. It can also help you live longer.

Pauly Quality

  • Purveyors to the Royal and Imperial Court

Since the 1870’s Pauly has been the official bed supplier to the Austrian Hungarian Empire and furnished homes with the same distinguished label given only to the very best brands such as Moët Chandon, Rèmy Martin and Christofle. 

  • 30 years Warranty

Pauly’s warranty covers spring or frame breakage for 30 years. Applies from delivery date.

  • Latex Free

Pauly’s beds, mattresses are free from latex, foam rubber or polyurethane.

  • Öko-Tex® Standard 100

Pauly has been granted Öko-Tex® Standard 100 certificate, the highest possible ranking of Oeko-Tex certification. Only few producers of natural beds and mattresses had been granted this certificate. Pauly has demonstrated that uses natural materials in an environmentally friendly production. The certificate also proves that Pauly products have been tested and meet the humanecological requirements of the standard presently established for baby usage.

  • Sustainability

For us, sustainability in terms of furniture means : durable, natural, chemical free, recyclable and ethically manufactured. All wooden frame are made from massive Scandinavian pine harvested in a way that maintain the forest’s biodiversity, productivity and ecological processes. For every tree that is cut a new one is planted. Natural materials are biodegradable and recyclable. Animals are not hurt. Our horsehair comes only from gently brushing the horses enhancing their skin.


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